How to sell your eBay items the right way

Whats that rule again? If you havent worn it in six months, get rid of it? If we followed that rule, just about all of us would have a pretty decent pile of clothes that we should be getting rid of right now. What if I told you that you could earn some spare money … Continue reading How to sell your eBay items the right way

Whats that rule again? If you havent worn it in six months, get rid of it? If we followed that rule, just about all of us would have a pretty decent pile of clothes that we should be getting rid of right now. What if I told you that you could earn some spare money by selling that clothing on eBay?

Selling that no longer used clothing on eBay takes a little bit of time, but is really quite simple, and you are almost guaranteed to get more money for your clothes than you would if you held a garage sale! So, where do you start? Read on to find an introduction to the basics of selling clothing on eBay.

Your first step is to sort the outfits you want to sell into spring/summer clothing and fall/ winter clothing. You will want to sell your clothing with the season, meaning that if it is spring now, you should be selling your spring and summer clothing. Pack the opposite season clothing away in a labeled box so you can easily find it when the seasons change.

Next, sort the current seasons clothing by size. It is best to sell all of the clothing in the same size at the same time so if one person finds something they like, they might find others they like and bid on them all, eBayers LOVE repeat customers.

It is significant to launder the clothing that you are going to sell, and steam or iron them, if necessary. Its important that they are looking their best for the next step!

Photographing your clothing is one of the most important steps in this process because eBay shoppers need to really be able to see the clothing well since they cant actually touch them or try them on. It is by far the easiest to use a digital camera so you can upload your photos right to your computer and then to eBay. If you dont have your own, see if you can borrow one from somebody you know.

Most big clothing sellers on eBay use some type of mannequin, mannequins that hang on your wall can be purchased for less than $25 on eBay. to show their clothing, but if you dont have one, you have a few other options. You could put a simple hook in a solid colored wall, and hang the clothing on hangers from it. This works very well for just about all types of clothing, other than outfits, unless you have the special display hangers that show off a top and bottom together.

An extra option is to lay the clothing on top of a solid colored piece of fabric on any flat surface. The trick here is to take the photos aiming straight down at the clothing and not on an angle. You might have to get up on a chair to accomplish this, but it really helps because clothing shot on an angle can really disfigure things and not give the potential bidder a true idea of what it looks like.

One important thing to keep in mind, no matter how you photograph your clothing, is to have good lighting! Natural light works great, so if you can be near a large window where the sun shines in, that would work very well. If not, you might want to consider setting up a few of those inexpensive work lights with clamps to shine on the clothing from different directions.
When you are done taking your photos, upload them onto your computer and do some simple editing with the photo software that came with your camera, or any other photo editing software that you are comfortable with.
The vital things that you should do are: remove needless background by cropping the photo so the item is the focus and not a lot of background, resize the photos so they are no too large, 350 pixels on the longest side works pretty well, and improve them by playing with the brightness or color levels, if necessary. Some programs have some type of Quick Fix button that will do that for you.

Next, you will need to sign-up for an eBay sellers account if you dont have one already.

Now you are ready to actually create and launch your auction listings. If you need some help with the basics of how to do this; check out eBays help pages and Learning Center.

Finally, you can sit back and enjoy the roller coaster ride of watching your auctions throughout the week. Keep in mind that sometimes items get the most bids during the final minutes.

Don’t Read This Article – I Dare You!

See? It worked! The title said ‘Don’t Read This Article – I Dare You!’, and here you are reading it anyway. Victory for me and my amazing psychic abilities?


Actually, this Maiden Voyage article of The Don’t Chronicles has but one goal: to teach you the power of negative thinking! No, I don’t mean that you should give up on your positive attitude. I mean that people don’t like to be told “DON’T!”

Think about it. Why did you read this article? Defiance? Curiosity? Don’t like being told what to do – or NOT do?

These are the same emotions that people will experience when you tell them “Don’t buy my product”, “Don’t use my services”, “Don’t visit my website”.

They will say things like “I don’t care WHO that person thinks they are! I’ll buy the product, use the service, or visit the website if I want to; I don’t care what they say!”

They will think “I wonder what is so special about that product, service, or website that this person is willing to risk losing his or her audience by telling them not to participate?”

You don’t have to have the “Next Big Thing”, or have some “Incredible New” product in order to get someone interested. Instead, just get them interested!

Tell them that they don’t want to look into your services or products. They don’t need to read your information-packed website. They don’t want to spend time learning about how your product or service could help them.

Do you know what their first question is going to be when you tell them these things? “Why Not??”

Now you’ve picqued their interest! Now they want to learn more. They want to learn about this top-secret product they weren’t supposed to know about. They want to see this website that you told them not to bother visiting. They want to find out why your services are so in-demand that you can afford to tell people NOT to use them!

Human beings are people, and people are curious, and people don’t like being told what to do. This isn’t Sales and Marketing 101. This is Human Nature. If you want to sell your products and services to humans, you need to learn how humans think.

Or Don’t. I don’t really care anyway. I’ve obviously piqued YOUR interest, or you wouldn’t have read this far!

DON’T check out the rest of The Don’t Chronicles! After all, no one could possibly have a point of view or a unique way of dealing with life that you haven’t already thought of, right?

Entrepreneurialism: Doing The Wickipedia Four Step

According to Wikipedia, “An entrepreneur is a person who undertakes and operates a new enterprise or venture and assumes some accountability for the inherent risks. In the context of the creation of for-profit enterprises, entrepreneur is often synonymous with founder.”

Lets see if we can break this definition down into bite sized chunks.

Entrepreneur as an Undertaker

This term indicates a certain amount of initiative that drives an individual to do something tangible with an idea they have conceived. This initiative is in context of a business startup.

Entrepreneur as an Operator

This term is indicative of an individual willing to get in the thick of things and develop the business from the standpoint of administrator and marketer. In effect, an entrepreneur must be willing to do everything needed to manage the business they are seeking to develop.

Entrepreneur and Accountability

An entrepreneur understands that the buck stops with them. They are willing to be responsible in the development and affairs of the business.

Entrepreneur as Risk Taker

There will always be the risk that a business startup will fail, but the risk an entrepreneur puts forth may also result in a profitable business. The entrepreneur understands the risks and determines to move forward in spite of those risks.

Entrepreneur as Founder

In the context of a successful business start up the entrepreneur is listed as the founder of the business. This individual did what it took to move their idea from the thought process to a reality. This is hard work and, if successful, their name will always be linked to the business. Some may consider this to be a portion of the legacy of the individual; certainly it can be a highpoint in a persons work history.

There is an exhilaration that comes with entrepreneurialism. The road may be difficult and you may have to get creative in solving problems youve never encountered, but you are, in that moment, the quintessential entrepreneur. You have chosen to take the initiative to operate a business. You have determined to be accountable for all phases of your business startup and you recognize and accept the risks involved in business development.

Entrepreneurialism is not for the faint of heart, but for those who walk through the various steps listed above there is an incredible amount of satisfaction knowing that the work you have done will not only benefit yourself and your family, but the customers who will benefit from the product or service you provide.

What Makes Debt Consolidation Loan UK The Best Debt Healer

What Makes Debt Consolidation Loan UK The Best Debt Healer

People with a large number of debts time and again become so very stressed that they can recount times of enjoyment on their fingers. Debts often leave no course of action. Even if the debtor plans to pay back some of these, he isnt able to. A whole lot of circumstances repeatedly force him to continue with the state of affairs. The debtor thus forgets all joys of life and sees no light on the other end.

Is the debtor destined to live this way, or does he deserve a better life. If you agree with the latter then you will agree that debt consolidation loan UK can best relieve him of the debt situation.

Debt Consolidation Loan UK is used to fuse all debts together and then paying it with a single loan taken at low rate of interest.

Did I hear you complaining that debt consolidation loan too is a debt? Yes, debt consolidation loan is a loan and thus adds to your debt. But, it is distinctive in the manner that it offers time utility. The debts you already have require payment now or very soon. However, when you take up a debt consolidation loan, the time of repayment is too long. So, by paying your debts with a debt consolidation loan, you can wait and see your financial condition improve.

Another point of distinction is the low rate of interest. Suppose you owe some amount on credit cards. Very soon, you can expect the amount to double, or at worse triple. Dont you believe me? Just check the interest rates that credit card companies are offering funds at. If the same debts are intended to be eliminated through a debt consolidation loan, the debtor will largely benefit. Firstly, he will get funds at a much lower rate. Secondly, as funds are arranged fast, the debtor can instantly pay up the credit card company. Therefore, more increase in debt is curbed.

It is easy to procure debt consolidation loan these days. Logon to any of the search engines and look for debt consolidation loans there. Within seconds, thousands of lender websites appear. Now is your chance to make the selection. Dont go by what they say. Demand loan quotes. Compare them and then select the one that best fits your budget and requirements.

The catch is to not forget what debts can lead to. This has lessons to learn both in the repayment of the debt consolidation loan and in future financial dealings. Pay the monthly repayments on the debt consolidation loan on time. Or else it will become just another debt burden on your chest. Also, keep a check on how you spend. Always spend within limits and keep sufficiently for savings and you ensure that you never have to bear the debt days again.